Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm losing the war

I'm losing the war against jam. Somehow I seem to have acquired 13 jars of jam. And most of it is delicious. Except the one with figs, bland Polish figs.

Obviously, I can eat more jam on toast and jam on pancakes, but I need your help. What else can I do with all this delicious jam?


neocorsten said...

lol addicted you are !!!!

Well I have some ideas, good or bad, I don't know.

First of all, if you want to use a big quantity of jam, you can mix it with vodka. I say that because I used to (and have to do it again) put some sweats in white vodka so we get a very nice taste (but as it increases a lot the amount of sugar in the drink it is very strong!! ... drink in moderation). I can MAYBE be something good with jam but never tried it before...

Another idea, different from the classic, pancake/toast use, is to use the jam to make a sweet sauce for some meat. when the meat is cooked, it is indicated to put some vinagar in the pan. You can add some jam (I prefer with red berries) to make it sweeter.

You also put your jam in nature yogourt (I love it).
You can make muffins with it or you can cook some delicious scones and eat them with the jam.

You can cook an english Trifle too or the famous "Tourment d'amour" (torment of love) from the french carribean ( if you have coconut jam.

and after that, I am going to bed, with no jam in my belly :p

laura dot said...

I really like your sauce idea for meat. I will have to try that. I am not sure about the vodka idea - I am not really drinking right now.

And I am always eating plain yogurt. Jam with yogurt sounds really good.

tiny banquet committee said...

Ha, I recognize that Bonne Maman gingham lid; I love that one! You could make tiny jam tartlets, like these. That particular recipe says to bake the shells in a mini-muffin pan, but I feel like I've seen similar recipes that called for simply cutting little circles out of leftover scraps of pie crust dough and pleating them around the edges to make little cups.

meredi said...

I second the jam in yogourt suggestion -- tres yummy. a great way to get through a large container of plain yogourt without getting too bored!