Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amandine's Cake

A few weeks ago my friend from flickr, Olivier, posted a picture of a stupendous looking chocolate cake. I knew I would have to try it. This weekend I did - and it is excellent. It is very like a brownie, but making it in a round pan really makes it seem more special.

The top is flaky, like a brownie, and gave me a little trouble when getting it out of the pan. If I had a spring form pan, I would be temped to use this next time I make this cake - and for sure I will be making this cake again.

The recipe for the cake is here in English, and on Olivier's blog in French. My understanding of things is that this cake is often called Fondant in France. Dorie Greenspan talks about it on her blog, and there was a recipe for the French Chocolate Brownie in the New York Times recently.

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neocorsten said...

Hi there! Thank you for the post. I like the way you took the picture. I should buy a spring form pan to do those kind of cakes so there is no problem to get it out of the pan.
Regarding what a "Fondant" is in France, to me, it isn't this kind of cake even if some recipes call it like that. In a very good restaurant in France, if you order a Fondant, you should get an individual little cake with melted chocolate inside (exactly like this: Picture of a French Fondant au chocolat). Well that's what a Fondant au chocolat is in my mind but that's not so important. The important thing is that it is made of chocolate and it is yuuuummmyyyyyy :o)