Sunday, July 01, 2007

But there was no pie....

Last week, my Dooda - my grandfather - went to a strawberry social. When my mom asked him how it was afterwards she found out that, "It was good....but there was no pie." He says this every year after the strawberry social. And every year, the next time my Dooda comes over for diner, my mother bakes him pies. Happily, as I am a child in good standing with my parents, I was invited over for this pie extravaganza.

My mother made lemon meringue.

As well as a strawberry pie.
This pie was very delicious. My mother made a glaze with cooked strawberries, so the pie had the taste of both cooked and fresh strawberries. Surprisingly, the lemon-strawberry combination was also really delicious.

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Gretchen said...

Yep, strawberry and lemon.mmm

Try stawberries sliced into lemon yogurt with a little granola on top. Delish and relatively healthy.