Sunday, May 20, 2007

Something simple

Last night's dinner:
Pesto chicken
Asparagus risotto
Sliced Tomatoes

The pesto chicken was just baked chicken thighs with pesto spread under the skin. I used about a tsp of pesto per thigh - and I think I could have even doubled it.

This was my second attempt at making risotto. I tried last year and produced something gray and inedible. But I watched Mario Batali make it three times in the Times Minimalist video and felt ready to try myself. I skipped the asparagus puree step - I thought it would make too many dirty dishes. The risotto was quite tasty - but I still think some more practice might be in order.

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Anonymous said...

oh laura,
if you have a pressure cooker, risotto is the easiest thing to make. no fuss, no stirring and it comes out incredible. i make it all the time and i have the thighs to show it!! haha but seriously, pressure cookers are inexpensive (i have used presto for years) and i can have amazing risotto on the talbe in 15 mins. no lie!! good luck