Sunday, November 19, 2006


The two readers of this blog who do not know me in real life may be unaware of the fact that, well, I love jam. I started writing about my kitchen experiments after the great jam making of summer 2006 and thus you missed out of the heady days of jam experimentation and jar boiling.

So, when my parents went to Europe this fall, they of course brought me jam as a present. (It is delicious, natch.) Since then, I have been looking for inventive jam vectors - things that can be used to convey jam to ones mouth. When I came across this post for popovers by Orangette, I knew I would have to try it.

Overall, the popovers were shorter than expected and not full of large holes. But they were delicious with my pear, black currant and violet jam. I find the violet taste is overwhelmed by most breads, but I think I could still taste it with the popovers. I think I will be having some more experiments with popovers.


Tracer said...

they were still good! :)

Evangeline said...

You like jam vectors, I like noodle capacitors.

Anonymous said...

did you ever figure out how to make popovers? if not, i have a wonderful recipe - very easy!!

laura dot said...

I would love to hear your popover recipe.

Anonymous said...

Popover Recipe:

Preheat over 425degrees

1/2 Cup butter
1 Cup hot water
1 Cup flour
4 eggs

On stovetop: melt butter and add water bringing to a low boil then add flour. Mix through until flour is incorporated. Off heat, add egg one at a time until mixed. Plop (yes, that is my official word) onto a baking sheet or if you have a popover pan, I guess you could use but I never have and neither did my mother or grandmother. Makes about 6 nice sized popovers.
Bake at 425 degrees for 20 - reduce heat to 325 degrees for an add'l 20 mins. DO NOT OPEN OVEN WHILE BAKING!! This is important.
My grandmother & mother used to serve these with fresh whipped cream in the middle or hot from the oven with butter & jam. I've served these with ice cream in the middle & hot fudge. Let me know how you like it.