Friday, March 30, 2007

Spagetti and Meatballs

I like Everyday Food magazine. It has a simple premise: cooking simple, tasty, healthy food. Often, it accomplishes this goal on a budget too; something else I like. And it doesn't hurt that the pictures are beautiful. But unlike the pictures in some of Martha Stewart's other publications, the pictures in Everyday Food make it look like you can do it.

Everyday Food just recently published a cookbook. Paul got it for me as a present - because he is the best, natch. Tonight, Paul and I tired making turkey meatballs and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. The meatballs are very tender. The recipe has a very good tip to form the meatballs with wet hands.

Of course, I modified the recipe a little. I added some Worcester Sauce to the pasta sauce, because I always do with tomato sauce. I also found the sauce a little bitter, even after cooking it for the recommended time, so I added a little brown sugar to round out the flavour. Finally, the recipe recommends just cooking the meatballs in the sauce, but I browned them a little first. They were still very tender, so if you have time to brown the meatballs I recommend it.

So far, I am pretty happy with this cookbook.

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Anonymous said...

Looks yummy, dear. Browning also makes the meatballs less likely to fall apart in the sauce in my experience.