Saturday, January 27, 2007

Orange Loaf

I like to bake things and take them to parties. I figure anyone can pick up a bottle of wine - so it's a little more special to bake something.

However, I don't have infinity free time. So I am always on the look out for recipes with a good tasty/effort ratio. This citrus loaf fits recipes. Everything is really good - but there are no the bill perfectly. I like the simplicity of Ina Garten'sfrou frou trendy ingredients to add. No cocoa nibs or Meyer lemons or any thing they might not have at the down-market grocery store I shop at. Another thing I love about this recipe is the use of plain yogurt and oil instead of butter and buttermilk. I never have buttermilk in the house, but I almost always have plain yogurt. Addionally, using oil instead of butter makes the batter really quick to mix.

I used orange in the loaf, and I first heard about this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, where she uses grapefruit. I think any citrus would rock in this cake.

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Evangeline said...

But Laura, booze is so much better than citrus cake!